Durable Medical Equipment with Connect DME

Sana partners with Connect DME to give PPO Plus (C, B, E, P, and S plan) members access to high-quality durable medical equipment (DME) and services nationwide. 

Connect DME offers:

  • Joint braces such as knee, ankle, upper extremity
  • Respiratory Supports such as CPAP, BI-PAP, & nebulizers
  • Therapies such as DVT prevention, cold & heat therapy, CPM machines
  • Supports such as knee-wheelers, crutches & wheelchairs
  • Breast pumps — offering all major brands
  • Diabetic supplies — offering all major brands
  • Sleep studies at home

If you have a specific brand or model you're interested in, Connect DME accepts those requests and works to secure that product.

Get Started

If you have a prescription for durable medical equipment, email the following information to orders@connectdme.com and copy hello@sanabenefits.com to get started. 

  • Copy of doctor prescription for DME
  • Copy of Sana ID card 
  • Your contact information 

Note: Prior authorizations are not required for Connect DME.

  • PPO Plus (C, B, E, P, and S plans): Free
  • PPO Plus HSA (H) plans: Per current IRS guidelines, members pay Sana's contracted price before meeting their deductible, then $0 after the deductible

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