Sana Pay

Over 90% of providers agree to work with Sana once invited. And for those who don't? We’ve got a card for that!

About Sana Pay

Our Sana Pay program is designed exclusively for members whose providers won’t bill Sana.

Sana Pay is frequently used for office visits, mental wellness visits, acupuncture, and chiropractic care. We recommend using Sana Pay when:

    • You’ve invited your preferred provider to join Sana, but they chose not to accept the invitation.
    • You have an emergency or immediate need before you have time to invite the provider.
    • You’re traveling within the U.S. and need to see a provider who does not already accept Sana.

Please do not use Sana Pay when:

    • You discover the provider is able to submit claims directly to Sana.
    • You have an upcoming surgery or procedure - learn more in the FAQs below.
    • You need ineligible or excluded services - learn more in the FAQs below.

Getting Started

How do I sign up for Sana Pay?

If you don't have a Sana Pay card, sign in to request one.

    • PPO Plus members are eligible immediately.
    • PPO Plus HSA members are eligible after deductible.

Your physical Sana Pay card will arrive in about two weeks. Need care sooner? A virtual card is available in the claims tab of your Sana account.

Using Sana Pay

  1. Verify that the provider is unable to bill Sana.
  2. Use your Sana Pay card at check-in and request the "self-pay" rate.
      • Pay in full for the office visit. We'll calculate any copays or coinsurance associated with your transaction. 
      • See below for a list of exclusions, including gratuity (tips) and specific provider groups who have declined to accept Sana Pay.
  3. Collect the itemized receipt or “superbill” from your doctor at the end of your visit. 
  4. Within 60 days, email Sana the itemized receipt or “superbill” to with the subject line: “Sana Pay Superbill”
  5. We’ll process your claim and email you an Explanation of Benefits (EOB), specifying your responsibility (copay, coinsurance, or deductible), plus a payment link for any patient responsibility.
      • Your Sana Pay invoice is due to Sana within 30 days.
      • If you have any trouble with the steps above, let us know. Our team can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do all covered medical services qualify for Sana Pay?

Yes — use your Sana Pay card to cover the full cost of your visit for covered services with a provider.

Sana Pay is not eligible for the following:

    • Standalone payments for your member responsibility (copays, deductibles, or coinsurance)
    • Dental or vision expenses
    • Prescriptions or over-the-counter medications
    • Medical equipment
    • Memberships or packaged discounts (pre-payment) for future visits
    • Deposits for future visits
    • Gratuity (tips) for massage therapy, acupuncture, or other ineligible services

Note: If you use Sana Pay for ineligible transactions, you will be invoiced the full transaction amount to refund your Sana Pay card within 30 days.

Is Sana Pay recommended for surgery or procedures?

Please use Invite a Provider to let us know you’re having surgery instead of using Sana Pay.

Though our team may recommend Sana Pay under certain circumstances, we typically advise against it for the following reasons:

    • Our team can work with your provider's office to identify separate billing, if any, for facility fees, anesthesia, etc.
    • Procedures may require your provider to obtain Prior Authorization before claims can be processed.
    • Your provider may offer payment plan options. We do not offer payment plans for Sana Pay, so any member responsibility charged to your Sana Pay card would be due within 30 days. 
    • Learn more about scheduling surgery and procedures.

Should I avoid using Sana Pay with specific providers?

Sana Pay is not eligible for use at:

    • Baylor Scott and White Health
    • Cleveland Clinic
    • Mayo Clinic
    • Northwestern

Why do I need a superbill?

We rely on itemized bills to process claims and determine coverage and patient responsibility. If an itemized bill isn't submitted within 60 days, you will be responsible for repaying the entire amount of the transaction to Sana. If you need help obtaining this, please reach out to for assistance.

What happens after I submit a superbill?

We will process your claim and determine the cost-sharing according to your plan — then we'll email you an invoice for what you owe.

    • Your claim may be subject to copay, coinsurance, or deductible. 
    • Some claims may take up to 60 days to process. 
    • You can track the status of your claim through the Medical Claims tab.

What if my provider submits a claim to Sana after I use my Sana Pay card?

Ask your provider to refund the amount you paid upfront, in full, to your Sana Pay card. 

Your Sana Pay card is issued in your name, so this is no different than requesting a refund to a personal credit card. You can use this script with your provider’s office:

I understand you filed a claim with Sana Benefits for my visit on [date]. 

I made a self-pay payment for this date of service on [date]. Please issue a full refund to that credit card. If there is a copay or other patient responsibility amount due on this claim, I'd like to use a different personal card for the remaining balance.

Note: Please do not use Sana Pay for future visits if you discover that the provider is able to submit claims to Sana directly.

Can multiple family members use the same Sana Pay card?

We recommend adult members sign up for their own Sana Pay accounts.
To get started, invite your adult dependents to create an account and request Sana Pay.

If you are an adult member making payments on behalf of a dependent child, please reach out to We will increase your Sana Pay card limit to accommodate their care.

Are Sana Pay Cards like HSA or FSA cards?

No. Sana Pay Cards are designed exclusively to pay for up-front costs for covered medical services provided by providers who won't take Sana insurance. This is to help ensure you can see your preferred providers without being responsible for up-front payments. 

Why do PPO Plus HSA members need to meet their deductible for Sana Pay eligibility?

PPO Plus HSA members must meet their deductible to comply with IRS rules for Health Savings Accounts. After meeting your annual deductible, PPO Plus HSA members can apply for Sana pay. 

How do I repay my patient responsibility? 

We'll provide a payment link once we've determined your copay or cost-sharing amount. You're responsible for making the full payment within 30 days. After 30 days, any open invoices will be charged to the payment method on file. We do not offer payment plans at this time. 

How do I change my payment method?

You can update the credit or debit card on file when you log in to pay an open Sana Pay invoice.

May I use my FSA or HSA card as my card on file for Sana Pay invoices?

HSA and FSA cards are not eligible as a form of payment for this service; however, your payments may still be eligible for reimbursement through your HSA and FSA providers. Please consult your HSA or FSA provider for covered expenses and their reimbursement process.

What is the zip code for my Sana Pay card?

This is the zip code of your home address. 

What happens if I break the terms of Sana Pay?

Sana reserves the right to revoke cards that are used irresponsibly.

Does Sana Pay affect my credit score?

No. While Sana Pay cards are issued in your name, Sana is responsible for paying the full balance of your card each month for covered services. As long as you pay the patient responsibility through your Sana account once your claim is processed, there will be no impact on your credit score.

Can I use Sana Pay with COBRA?

No. COBRA members are ineligible for Sana Pay. 

Can I still use my own form of payment to pay up-front for covered services and use Rapid Reimbursement?  

Yes! Sana Pay is a new tool in addition to Rapid Reimbursement. It’s meant as another option for members who cannot or choose not to pay up-front themselves for services by their preferred providers who refuse to take Sana. You are always welcome to self-pay for covered services and Sana will reimburse you. Learn more about submitting claims for reimbursement.


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