Surgeries and Procedures with Sana Care

Surgeries and procedures can be stressful. We're here to make your experience easier. We recommend exploring these free or low-cost, high-quality care options for planned procedures.

Expert Second Opinions & Local Care Navigation

Get a complimentary second opinion from a nationally recognized elite specialist from the comfort of your home within 3-5 days, plus local care navigation services. Learn more about 2nd.MD.

Centers of Excellence Across the US

With Carrum Health, experience access to world-class hospitals for over 100 pre-planned procedures, including hip, knee, shoulder, spine, heart, and cancer care. Let a care specialist book your upcoming surgery or procedure at a world-class hospital with travel and accommodations for you and a loved one included, all at little or no cost to you. Learn more about Carrum Health.

For pediatric Centers of Excellence and transplants, check out Edison.

Labs and Diagnostics

Avoid surprise bills by asking your providers to send lab and diagnostic referrals to Labcorp and imaging referrals to Green Imaging. Their services are always no-cost for Sana PPO Plus plans and free after deductible for PPO Plus HSA plans.

Bundled Care with Sana-Friendly Providers

Ask our Customer Support team about MDSave bundled care packages for common specialty procedures, including colonoscopies, diagnostic tests and scans, biopsies, wound management, general surgeries, and more. The best part? All care is included for PPO Plus members, with no secondary billing for facility fees, anesthesia, etc.

Have additional questions for Sana? You can reach us quickly via chat at Monday through Friday, 7 AM–7 PM CST,  or at or (833) 726-2123.