Employment Classifications

Employment classifications allow companies to compensate employees according to the duties, responsibilities, and difficulty of their roles.

Common employee classes may include exempt, non-exempt, or any other bona fide business-related distinction. These classifications play a role in benefits and policy formulation, including a group's new hire waiting period and company contributions.

Before creating employee classes, it is important to consider the non-discrimination rules and testing requirements outlined in Section 125 and Section 105(h) of the IRS tax code and ERISA. 

If your company designates employee classifications, Sana will set everything up during plan implementation.

If an employee's class changes throughout the policy year, your company admin will be responsible for making updates in Sana. This can be completed in a few easy steps:

  1. Log in to your admin account
  2. Click the Employees tab in Employer Tools
  3. Select an Employee to update
  4. Edit the Employee Class
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