Carrum Health: High-Quality Surgical Care

When it comes to surgery, it’s important to get the highest quality care. That’s why Sana provides Carrum Health. Carrum makes it easier, more comfortable, and less expensive to get the highest quality surgical care at Centers of Excellence (COE) across the US. 

Carrum partners with the country's top surgeons and world-class hospitals for over 100 procedures, including: hip, knee, shoulder, spine, heart, cancer, and many more.

How It Works

  1. Register for Carrum Health by visiting
  2. Answer a few qualifying questions and tell us which surgery your doctor has recommended.
  3. Connect with a Carrum Health care specialist, dedicated to helping you throughout your surgical journey while offering:
    • Better care — Access the top 10% of surgeons (coordination of care may take 6-12 weeks)
    • Dedicated Support — The care team will guide you every step of the way
    • No Surprise Bills

Sometimes surgery isn’t the best answer, and less-invasive treatment options may be available. If you’ve received a recommendation for surgery, Carrum offers expert second opinions from top surgeons at no cost to you.


Available to all Sana members aged 18 and older

Important disclaimers:

  • Carrum Health is for pre-planned surgeries like joint replacements, not for emergency surgeries like broken bones.
  • Sana members with plans starting on or after June 1, 2023, must use their Carrum Health benefit for Spinal Fusion coverage.
  • For access to pediatric surgeries and transplants, check out Edison Healthcare.


  • Free for PPO Plus members
  • Free After Deductible for PPO Plus HSA members, although the deductible is limited to the IRS minimum per plan year:
    • 2022 Plans: $1,400
    • 2023 Plans: $1,500

Surgical Centers of Excellence

Carrum gets you into the top hospitals in the US and will even cover your travel expenses if the best care for you isn’t nearby. Access care from exceptional facilities like:

  • Mayo Clinic
  • Cleveland Clinic
  • John Hopkins
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering
  • Houston’s Physicians’ Hospital
  • Northeast Baptist Hospital
  • TOPS Specialty Surgical Center

This list is subject to change. We recommend you work with our Carrum care specialists to find the best COE location for your needs. Register with Carrum today and find your perfect fit by visiting: