Durable Medical Equipment with Connect DME

Sana partners with Connect DME to give PPO Plus (C, B, E, P, and S) plan members access to free quality medical equipment and services nationwide. 

If you're on a PPO Plus HSA (H or HD) plan, you'll be responsible for normal cost-sharing but enjoy a substantial discount with Connect DME.

Connect DME delivers top-of-the-line, customized medical equipment right to your door! They even do home visits for fittings. 

Some examples of medical equipment include:

  • Joint braces such as knee, ankle, upper extremity
  • Respiratory Supports such as CPAP, BI-PAP, & nebulizers
  • Therapies such as DVT prevention, cold & heat therapy, CPM machines
  • Supports such as knee-wheelers, crutches & wheelchairs
  • Breast pumps — offering all major brands
  • Diabetic supplies — offering all major brands
  • Sleep studies at home

If you have a specific brand or model you're interested in, Connect DME accepts those requests and works to secure that product.

If you have a prescription for durable medical equipment, email the following information to orders@connectdme.com and copy hello@sanabenefits.com to get started. 

  • Copy of doctor prescription for DME
  • Copy of Sana ID card 
  • Your contact information 

Note: Prior authorizations are not required for Connect DME.

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