Massage Therapy

Massage therapy coverage is available to members of all plans.

  • Massage therapy is a $25 copay for qualifying members on PPO Plus plans.
  • Massage therapy is covered and subject to the deductible for qualifying members of PPO Plus HSA plans.
  • Covered massage treatments must be administered by a physician or a licensed massage therapist. Note: Massage therapy services from spas or health clubs typically do not meet this requirement.
  • You must collect superbills for all covered massage treatments that include ICD-10 (diagnosis) code(s) and CPT (service) code(s) in order for Sana to process your claims. If a licensed massage therapist is able to supply these codes but does not have an NPI, please provide their massage license number so Sana can verify it is active in the state where the services were rendered.
  • When you book directly with a massage therapist, you may need to pay upfront and provide an itemized superbill to Sana to get reimbursed for the balance after your copay.
  • Covered massage therapy treatments are limited to 30 visits per treatment, with a maximum of 60 total therapy treatments per plan year, including all types of therapy.
  • The provider must give the appropriate massage for the treatment, and we may request medical records for review at any time to help substantiate the claim.

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