Physical Therapy with Sword Health

Introducing no-cost virtual physical care for your back, joints, and muscle pain! 

Our partners at Sword Health offer the industry's first end-to-end clinical musculoskeletal (MSK) pain management solution — designed with busy lifestyles in mind.

Consider Sword Health if you suffer from common symptoms of MSK, including:

  • Aching and stiffness
  • Burning sensations in the muscles
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle twitches
  • Pain that worsens with movement
  • Sleep disturbances

SWORD's virtual physical care platform pairs you with a dedicated Doctor of Physical Therapy and FDA-listed wearable technology. Your Physical Therapist (PT) will deliver personalized treatment plans that are more effective, convenient, and affordable than traditional physical therapy.

Areas of Focus

Sword addresses MSK issues at any point in your care journey — from prevention to chronic pain management or post-surgical recovery. 

  • Back: Get relief from upper, middle, or low back pain
  • Shoulder: Treat frozen shoulder, rotator cuff tendinopathy, dislocations, and more
  • Neck: Overcome whiplash, chronic pain, strains, and more
  • Knee: Recover after a knee replacement; ease arthritis, meniscal tears, patellofemoral pain, and more
  • Elbow: Soothe tennis elbow and biceps tendinopathy
  • Hip: Recover after a hip replacement; treat greater trochanteric pain, bursitis, and more
  • Ankle: Remedy fractures, sprains, strains, Achilles tendinopathy, and more
  • Wrist/Hand: Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, osteoarthritis, tendinopathy, and more
  • Pelvic: Treat pelvic pain or discomfort, learn muscle control, and more

By combining physical therapy, behavioral coaching, and education with easy-to-use technology, SWORD helps you overcome pain faster and more cost-effectively. The program empowers you to recover at home while avoiding unnecessary imaging, surgeries, or opioids. 

The Sword app offers on-demand educational videos through Sword Academy and helpful articles specific to your condition.

Get Started

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  3. Get your kit
  4. Move your way to better health


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