Planning for Upcoming Surgery or Procedures

Surgeries and procedures can be stressful. We're here to make your experience easier. 

Not sure where to access care?

Sana Care is a great place to start for advice, care navigation, and more. This may include access to high-quality, low or no-cost procedures through our Care Partner ecosystem through Carrum Health, Texas Medical Management, MDSave, and more.

If Sana Care is not eligible in your state, our dedicated Customer Support team can help you find and compare care options by:

        • Contract availability
        • Quality ratings
        • Distance 
        • Patient satisfaction 
        • Price
        • And more — use the contact information below to request assistance.

Important: Before Self-Scheduling Surgery or Procedures

Submit an Access Request as soon as possible so we can coordinate billing details with your care team. If your procedure includes care billed separately by other providers (ex: surgeon, anesthesia, facility fees, labs, etc.), we will work with each provider to see if they will bill Sana directly. 

  • We depend on the point of contact at each location to communicate effectively with us, so turnaround time may vary from 1-3 business weeks.
  • Our Prior Authorization partner, Valenz, requires 2 business weeks for approval.
  • In cases that require both Prior Authorization and a Single Case Agreement for billing, we can only finalize the agreement after the Prior Authorization is approved.
  • Emergency services do not require Prior Authorization.

Non-Contracted Providers

If your preferred provider is unwilling to bill Sana for your surgery or procedure, our Customer Support team may offer the following: 

  • Care Partner providers or other high-quality, low-cost provider partners
  • Reimbursement for self-pay
  • Single-case agreements (SCA) with the provider
  • If needed, our team can help you find an alternate provider

Provider Resources

Your provider can verify your benefits and coverage for the procedure through Sana's provider chat or by contacting Sana at (833) 726-2123.  

If your surgery or procedure requires prior authorization, have your provider contact Valenz, our Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) accredited partner for utilization management, at (877) 608-2200 or online. Your provider can assist with prior authorization regardless of your payment method.

Have questions? We've got you covered.

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