Health Insurance Renewals

What is a renewal?

A renewal occurs when Sana evaluates your policy and establishes new pricing for the upcoming plan year. 

Why did my rates increase?

The overall cost of plans is likely to increase to some extent year over year. To determine renewal pricing, Sana considers various factors specific to your company, including the types of plans offered, claims history, and anticipated plan usage. Industry factors are also considered such as overall industry performance, geographic performance, government-mandated benefits, prescription drugs, treatment costs, and inflation.

Plan selection and contributions

By default, Sana will renew your current medical, dental, and vision plans as-is, although you do have the opportunity to select new plans and adjust your employer contributions.

Engaging your employees in a conversation about their health insurance needs can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision. Your employees may have specific preferences that you should take into account. By surveying your employees in the early stages of the renewal period, you can ensure that their health insurance experience meets their expectations and requirements.

Once you have established the key priorities for your employees, you can download a full rate sheet of all Sana plans while renewing through your admin dashboard.

Open Enrollment

Once you’ve finalized plan selections and contribution amounts, your employees will go through an open enrollment period. During this period, they can evaluate available plans and choose the coverage tier that best meets their individual needs. This is a perfect time for employees who have previously declined coverage to join your company's health plan.

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