Mental Health Resources For Employers

Small businesses benefit when employees have easy, affordable access to mental health resources.

  • Increased productivity
    Industry studies have shown nearly 86% of employees treated for depression report improved work performance and attendance.
  • Increased retention
    Employers spend an average of 33% of employees' salaries on replacing them when they leave.
  • Decreased healthcare costs
    Addressing stress and depression can lower blood pressure and stress hormones, plus improve sleep. These things are clinically known to prevent or delay the onset of serious (and costly) conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

As your company’s benefits administrator, having your mental health resources handy can be helpful. Our Care Partner ecosystem offers coaching and therapy resources to create healthy habits, manage stress or grief, find balance during challenging times, and more. 

  • Headspace Care 24/7 text-based behavioral health coaching, self-guided care resources, video therapy, and psychiatry.
  • PlushCare Convenient video therapy appointments, often available same-day or next-day
  • Maven 24/7 pregnancy and postpartum support, including therapy, pregnancy and infant loss resources, sleep coaching, peer support, etc.
  • National Deaf Therapy offers full-service therapy support in American Sign Language (ASL).
These app-based services are free for all members. If your employees prefer in-person care, members of our PPO Plus plans have excellent mental health benefits, including copays for psychiatry and psychology, individual psychotherapy, marriage and family counseling, and more. Visit our Mental Health Benefits article for details.
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