Partner Networks

Sana’s network includes many modern, world-class care partners to ensure you have quick and easy access to complimentary or discounted care across the United States. We’re also affiliated with the HealthSmart and Prime Health networks to ensure you can access 1.4 million provider locations nationwide.

Members can search all providers in our network by logging in and going to Find Care.

What happens if your employees don’t see their preferred providers in our network? 

They can still see them! We never charge out-of-network fees. Most providers agree to take Sana. Members just need to show their Sana ID card so providers can verify benefits and bill Sana directly. 

If your preferred providers don’t agree to bill us, you can still see them. Reach out to our Care Access Support Team for help. 

Other Partner Networks

If you offer dental or vision coverage through one of our partner carriers, you’ll have access to the following networks:

Sana members also have access to SmithRx’s pharmacy network of over 75,000 retail pharmacies. While most big box retailers are a part of SmithRx’s pharmacy network, it’s best for members to find an in-network pharmacy near them in their SmithRx portal.

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