Flex Care: Access Request

You can submit an Access Request (previously called Invite a Provider) when:

  • Your provider will not agree to bill Sana after you've asked them
  • You have an upcoming surgical procedure
  • Your provider indicates a written contract is required to bill Sana directly 

Creating an Access Request

Once you verify the provider is unable to bill Sana or requires a formal billing agreement:

  1. Try to make an appointment — providers are more willing to work with us when you have an appointment scheduled
  2. Go to Find Care 
    • Search by provider name, specialty, or location to verify the provider is not already in-network
    • Scroll to the bottom of the results
  3. Click Create Access Request
  4. Submit your request - please fill out all details

Next Steps

Our team will contact your provider directly to see if we can resolve your access issue or set up a billing arrangement known as a Single Case Agreement or SCA.

87% of providers agree to work with Sana, but if needed, we can help you find an alternate provider. 

What is a Single Case Agreement?

While the majority of providers will bill us directly, occasionally, providers may request an SCA.

These requests are most common for planned surgical procedures or appointments within certain hospital systems.

SCAs are typically executed for one service or episode of care within a specific date range.

Expected Timeline

  • Future members - If you need a Single Case Agreement, please reach out once your plan is active and you have confirmed the provider won't bill Sana directly.
  • New and existing members - During busy months like January and February, we prioritize provider invitations by upcoming appointment dates. 
    • Urgent need - Please share all details in your request to help us accommodate and coordinate with your provider.
    • No appointment - In order for our team to confirm billing, most providers will require a scheduled appointment. Please schedule your appointment before submitting an Access Request, or if the provider is not allowing you to schedule, please submit an Access Request to let us know.
  • Best practice - Submit your provider invitation with a minimum of 30 days notice of an appointment with a new provider, whenever possible. Some providers require a signed agreement 5-7 business days before an appointment. Others are more flexible. 

Previous Single Case Agreements have been created for surgical procedures or appointments with:

  • Baylor Scott & White Health*
  • Children’s Health
  • Cook Children’s
  • Houston Methodist
  • MD Anderson*
  • Texas Children's
  • Texas Health
  • UT Southwestern Medical Center
  • The Christ Hospital

*Indicates an SCA is likely needed for every visit within this hospital system.

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