Adding Dependents to an Employee’s Plan

If an employee enrolls themself on a Sana plan, they can enroll dependents on the plan as well. 

Valid dependents are listed and defined in your SPD (Summary Plan Description) under the "Dependent" section, but a quick summary is also below.

A dependent must be:

  • An Employee's present spouse, thereby possessing a valid marriage license, not annulled or voided in any way. 
  • An Employee's domestic partner as defined by the law of the state in which they reside. 
  • An Employee's child who is less than 26 years of age.
  • An Employee's Child, regardless of age, who is mentally or physically incapable of sustaining their living.

NOTE: Sana is not able to provide legal advice on how to interpret, or where to find, state laws pertaining to domestic partnerships. We recommend researching this topic with the help of Mineral or asking the legal council at your company about it if applicable.

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