How to Add New Hires

Admins can easily add new hires to Sana using our self-service tool. 

When to add new hires

Employees should always be added on their date of hire, even if they don't plan on enrolling, and even if your company has established a waiting period.

We don't recommend tracking your employees' waiting periods outside of Sana, as this can cause enrollment issues. Rest assured that when you add new hires to your Sana portal:

  • They're invited to enroll in benefits right away.
  • They have their New Hire Grace Period to enroll.
  • Sana automatically activates their benefits once they've fulfilled your company's established waiting period.

How to add new hires

  1. Sign in to Sana. 
  2. Select New Hire from your dashboard.


Alternatively, you can also add new hires by going to the Employees page and selecting Add Employee.


Once a new hire is added, they will automatically receive an email to create their Sana account and enroll in benefits. 

When benefits start for new hires

Once an employee enrolls, we'll calculate the benefit effective date based on your new hire wait period rules.

Note: The following graphic is just an example. A group's "New Hire Grace Period" and "Waiting Period" will depend on what was established during onboarding and/or renewal.



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