Updating Banking Details

If your business needs to change the bank account on file with Sana, please have your signatory reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager or our Admin Support team. We’re happy to help.

Once your signatory contacts us, we’ll send them the below forms to fill out:

ACH Authorization Form

You completed this during onboarding, but we’ll need an updated version with your new banking details. This form authorizes Sana to withdraw the company’s monthly premium via ACH. 

Optum ACH Authorization Form (if applicable)

This was also filled out during onboarding (if your COBRA administrator is Optum). This form allows Optum to deposit funds into your bank account if a former employee enrolls on COBRA. Optum will not withdraw any funds from your account. This is simply to allow them to reimburse you for the COBRA premium that they collect from your former employee.

Once these forms are completed, signed, and returned, your new bank account will go into effect.

Have questions? We've got you covered.