Travel Benefits

Sana covers transportation and lodging expenses for covered medically necessary care for you and a companion when specialty care is unavailable within a 150-mile radius of your home address on file with Sana. 


Beginning October 1, 2022, all members are eligible for reimbursement of travel benefit expenses up to $2,000 per plan year when the criteria above are met.  

Note: Reimbursement is subject to the deductible for PPO Plus HSA plans.

Transportation and Lodging Coverage

The following categories are eligible for reimbursement with a valid receipt.

  • Lodging (hotel, bed and breakfast, short-term rental) and
  • Standard mileage reimbursement per IRS guidelines or
  • Standard airfare, train or bus tickets, rideshare, or taxi services


  • Email to request a reimbursement
  • Please submit proof of receiving the medically necessary care covered by your plan
  • All receipts must include dates and addresses 
  • Travel and lodging must occur on the date of your appointment and up to one day before or after
  • When driving and submitting for gas/toll reimbursement, you must include a link to your route via Google Maps or similar 


  • Food and personal expenses
  • Travel outside of your reasonable recovery period

Taxable Income for Travel Benefits

Reimbursements over $50 per day are considered taxable. You will receive a 1099-MISC form for taxable reimbursements exceeding $600 per calendar year.

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