Mid-Year Deductible Credits for New Members

If your employer switches to Sana in the middle of the year, and you're moving on to a calendar year deductible schedule with Sana, you shouldn't have to start over with meeting your deductible. That's why Sana offers deductible credits to eligible members.

Deductible Credits Explained

Deductible Credits are dollar amounts equal to what you've spent toward meeting your deductible with your previous insurance provider. Credits are applied toward the deductibles of members and their dependents (if applicable) when they switch plans in the middle of the calendar year.  For members with High Deductible Health Plans, the deductible credits count towards the out-of-pocket max. Eligible members may receive deductible credits for as far back as January 1st of the current calendar year.

Deductible credits aren't automatically applied. They must be requested and approved.

Other Types of Credits 

At this time, Sana isn't able to credit deductibles for vision and dental plans. 

Requesting Deductible Credits

To request deductible credits, please email Sana at hello@sanabenefits.com with a PDF copy of your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from your previous insurance carrier within 60 days of your Plan Effective Date with Sana. Please be sure the deductible accumulator is clearly stated on the EOB to receive a credit. The EOB cannot only show what has been accumulated towards the OOPM. 

While we do have a 60-day window to receive your EOB from your previous insurance carrier, we recommend sending that in sooner rather than later, because any medical or Rx claims received before Sana receives complete EOB data will be processed without the deductible credits, and therefore reduce the amount of deductible credit that will be applied. Sana does not reprocess claims received before deductible credits are applied. 

Lastly, Sana does not process credits to the Out of Pocket Maximum (OOPM), unless the member is on an H plan that is receiving a deductible credit.

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