Qualifying Life Event: Newborn Coverage

Whether your baby has already arrived or you’re planning for the future, we’re excited to welcome them to the Sana family. We’re here to make the insurance process easy so you can focus on the things that matter most.

Newborn Coverage

After birth, your newborn is covered under the primary subscriber of your Sana plan for up to 30 days. You have the option to add them as a dependent during this time and update your coverage through a special enrollment period called a Qualifying Life Event

Once enrolled, their claims will be processed individually with their own deductible, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket maximum. Preventive care, including immunizations and well-baby visits, are always 100% covered, regardless of your plan.

Note on coordination of benefits: Coordination of benefits may be required if two parents have different insurance policies at the time of birth or if the newborn is enrolled in two policies after birth.

  • In these instances, the insurance determined to be the primary payer will pay first, and the secondary payer will pay their allowable less what was already paid by the primary.
  • The parent whose birthday is earliest in the calendar year will be considered primary, except when the parents were never married, are separated, or are divorced.
  • Our Customer Support team can assist with any questions regarding the coordination of benefits.

Newborn Care

To Find Care, sign in to your Sana account to search Care Partners, contracted providers, and access to 1.4 million provider locations through affiliate networks.

Our Sana Care partners can help with your new parenting journey

  • Sign up for Maven to take advantage of 24/7 access to 30+ specialties to assist during the newborn phase up to six months. Services include virtual urgent care, lactation consulting, sleep coaching, emotional well-being resources, peer support, and more. Maven services are free with your plan.
  • Claim your baby’s free Blueberry Pediatrics medical kit once you enroll them as a dependent. Did you know that 33% of Blueberry virtual visits happen after hours when your usual pediatrician’s office is closed? The Blueberry team can answer your questions, big or small, and can even peek in your little one’s ears and write prescriptions —  24/7, 365 days a year, including holidays.
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